Transfer group meeting May 2006 ( Patras)

Report from the 2nd meeting
in PATRAS GREECE 28 – 30 MAY 2006

Suzanna Gratzl + Maria Hirtenlehner , Czarina Wilpert, Klitos Simeonides, Jyrki Ijäs, Anthony Wilkes, Tsekoura Vasiliki (report)

Objectives of the meeting regarding to the proposed agenda :

1. Elaborating the four ( 4) pre selected good practices so to detect the criteria on which we based the final selection and the transferability of them in other contexts ( especially referring to new EU countries ) .
2. Working on Piotrs DVD concept
3.Identifying the continuing of our work concerning the timetable given


Considerations about :
1. the good practices : Only two of the pre selected good practices – the AU and BE – and the 3rd from UK ( depending on Lenford’ s contribution? ) could be presented for sure in total , because we had no feedback from NL ( Odyssee) case study so far .

Suggestions :

– The participants agreed to send the questionnaire Piotr has already constructed to all the NILE partners who are interested to describe their case as a good practice. Besides its necessary that all the respondents answer the criteria which the DVD group articulated as necessary for the transferability of the proposed case . So the selection phase is still open .
Criteria for the possible case studies to be selected (including those which already have been actively represented )
2. inclusion of concerned people
3. involvement under represented groups ( minority )
4. empowerment – active citizenship
5. reciprocity – mutual exchange
6. capacity building
7. challenge stereotypes
8. promoting equality and diversity

• police
• officials + politicians
• adult educators
• NGO’s
• Decision makers
• Public authorities

Deadline to Reply of questionnaire given: End of June !!!!!!!!!!!!

– the participants considered to include in the DVD content the Greek case study because its easy to find the agents, the material produced and because it has already been transferred on a transnational level .
-the number of the final represented cases do not necessarily have to be four but also three or six may be ( depending on how close to the criteria the cases are)

The DVD materialization is Piotrs obligation but although he has already worked on a final content construction, he didn’t appear as he had promised neither in Austria nor in Patras , indeed.
Suggestions :
– may be its nessessary to find someone else to make this DVD as a whole – Jyrkis suggestion was to give it in a sub contractor like a Media School in FI
– or to share it in cases ( every partner represented in the DVD product to be responsible for the 8- 10 minutes sub- film to be included in the final general product ) based on the structure Piotr has given to us
– or making use of still photos from the different cases in a general concept focused on a main message concerning diversity in adult learning practices
– in any case it depends on the freedom ? we have as sub group to redefine the parameters like who, how , what about and when this product could be produced

Timetable of the sub group specific works as continue :
* 15th of September to 15TH October: elaborating the material collected by the responding partners: considerations / suggestions ( the format for each project : the story …)/ decision for the director of the DVD as a product ( who is going to do the forma)
* review of the material : end of March or April for a final construction of films 8-10 minutes ! To decide the technical aspect and propositions