Social Research & Innovation in Adult Education

At DAFNI KEK, we believe in the transformative power of adult education to create an equal and forward-looking society by tapping into the collective experiences of all. Join us on this journey.

Interested in how Art amplifies social interactions? Join us on Thursday the 15th!

For over 25 years, our organization has been dedicated to driving positive change through action. We have implemented a wide range of projects and activities in partnership with European and local communities, all with the aim of fostering a more engaged and empowered society.

From supporting local initiatives to advocating for broader social change, we believe in the power of collaborative action to create a better world for all of us.

Browse our website to learn more about our mission and the projects we are currently involved in.

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What’s new?

Check out our latest updates. You may find announcements about upcoming activities that may be relevant to you, as well as evaluation reports for activities that have already occurred.

Ongoing Projects

 Explore the innovative initiatives we are currently undertaking, that span various domains and engage with diverse local and European communities.

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Through fruitful collaborations with our partners and dedicated learners, we generate a multitude of openly accessible publications and educational resources

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Our values

Equality & Equity

Accessibility & Social Justice

Openness & Communication

Our team

Our dynamic team of permanent staff members works alongside a diverse network of volunteers, collaborators, and teachers from local to European levels. Together, we drive growth, empowerment, and innovation, creating meaningful opportunities for our community.

Our approach

At DAFNI KEK, we embrace the wisdom of Paulo Freire, bell hooks, and Stephen Brookfield. They remind us that growth, progress, and evolution stem from struggle and conflict. We believe in the transformative power of education, where teachers become political activists and dedicate ourselves to the fight against social injustice.

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