Health+60 project

European societies are currently facing a common phenomenon: the challenges posed by an ageing population and the impact it may have on the welfare system. In this context, in which the percentage of people over 65 years old keeps on growing, it is important to acknowledge that this age group represents a significant part of the population and, hence, is a key group from a political and social point of view.

The last stage of a person’s life should not be a waiting room for them to sit and watch the years go by. Those years can be active, enriching and lived to the fullest. Adult education associations and institutions have a fantastic opportunity to play a crucial role in that process. A significant number of people pursuing non-formal education are over the age of 60 and, therefore, non-formal education centres hold a unique position to raise awareness regarding health issues among this age group through courses and activities. Since this situation is a problem that concerns Europe as a whole, a strategic association for the exchange of good practices could be a very useful tool to use in order to contribute to a better future for European societies.

The main objective of this project is:

The development of a guide focused on the exchange of good practices in the promotion of physical, emotional and social health management and awareness among people over the age of 60 from an adult education perspective. This goal is in line with sustainable development goal 3: ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Other objectives:

  • Knowledge on good practices that promote physical, emotional and social health education.
  • Prevention of health conditions and early dependence among the elderly as a recognition of the universal value of health.The improvement of the quality of life of the population over the age of 60.


Federación Española de Universidades Populares – FEUP



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