Here you will find educational tools for counseling, teaching, competences assessment, networking and cv development.



The ProfilPASS is a German tool that assists people in finding out what their strengths and competences are. With the help of an advisor they discover their hidden competences and set their goals. Therefore the ProfilPASS tool prevents people from dropping out of training and education. In this EU funded project we will adapt the tool to the participating partner’s needs and test it with young people and adults.

Training platforms (project outputs)

MUPYME Training Platform

The platform offers learning plans in the following fields:

  • Knowledge Area 1.- Accounting
  • Knowledge Area 2.- Enterprise organization and human resources
  • Knowledge Area 3.- Maintenance and sustainability
  • Knowledge Area 4.-Quality, risks prevention and safety plan development
  • Knowledge Area 5.- Sales and purchases and marketing
  • Knowledge Area 6.- Informatics
  • Knowledge Area 7.- Strategic plan development


Requires registration

There is also a platform training guide (english, spanish)

ARiS Learning resources (english, greek, romanian, spanish)

Open learning resources that help the development of the following competences:

  • Learn to learn
  • Digital competences
  • Social and civic competence
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  • Cultural awareness and expression


Registration is optional

Free language test 

The platform was created by Studieskolen in Denmark The goal of the platform is to offer a legitimate language assessment tool that helps determine each person’s language knowledge level.

It can be used by learners, educators, employees and employers to prove their level of foreign language knowledge.

It test the levels Α1 to Β2.

The tool lets you self assess yourself and adapts the assessment difficulty to your answers.

It doesn’t replace the official certification of language knowledge 


Requires registration.

Free only for personal use.

Organizations and companies that are interested in acquiring the platform, please contact us or Mr Christoph Schepers.

“axaia roma” informational platform

The strategic goal of this intervention is to enable, to train and to promote Roma people to the job market. The promotion to the job market will be implemented through the founding of a social enterprise. 

The platform offers the following services:

  • System for the registration of Supportive Counseling Services
  • A registry of people seeking a job
  • A registry of businesses that need employees

Tools of DAFNI KEK

Our first moodle course is available. It is currently only in greek language. You can enter as guest or create an account for free.


Mahara eportfolio platform.