Qualifying Differences

The “Qualifying Differences” Project was born from the need to create a totally innovative methodology (creation of a methodological manual, a digital platform and a booklet “Understanding Disability”), both nationally and internationally, with the objective of providing professionals with the same line of action, in the monitoring provided to the adult.

Above all, we intend to enable the adult and the professional to start and/or develop and/or finish the process of certification and validation of skills, based on the same methodology of work (methodological guide for professionals and battery of tools that support the process of Diagnosis and RVCC, anywhere in the country or partner country. Being a global society that is intended to be an integrator, the mobility of adults/technicians in the country or across borders should not be an obstacle to the migration of the work done, regardless of the Center / Institution or country.

Objectives and results

  • The first publication aims to capture disability in its various forms and to serve as an educational tool for professionals in the field and future employers. Themes of the publication: types and characteristics of disability, legislature and rights for people with disabilities, employer provisions – Available in print and audio versions.
  • The Methodological Guide is aimed at adults and technical staff to equip them with knowledge and information on Skills Certification through a common methodology. This approach can be reflected in the day-to-day activities of the organisations involved in the project, changing attitudes and understanding of disability and linking it to employment and sustainable development.
  • Inclusive platform with information and materials adapted to the needs of adults with visual impairments or limited upper limb functionality. The project stakeholders as well as organisations for the certification of skills of people with disabilities, people with disabilities themselves who are interested in certifying their skills and companies and organisations interested in hiring people with disabilities. All of the above are potential users of our training platform.


Professional School EPRALIMA (Coordinator – Portugal)

Centro Superior de Formación Europa Sur – CESUR (Spain)

Muscolar Distrophy Unione Italiana Lotta alla Distrofia Muscolare – Το Sezione di Saviano (Italy)

E-Seniors (France)

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

DAFNI KEK (Greece)