DivCaP – Diversity Capacities

The project is working with an integral approach to develop and implement diversity management in adult education organisations, focusing on all levels of the organisations, checking and testing simultaneously concrete measures in practice in collaboration with colleague organisations. We plan to develop supporting structures for policy improvement in adult education institutions, enabling them to successfully deal with diversity at every organizational level.

Main objectives

  • Intends to increase the awareness about diversity issues at a personal and organisational level in adult education organisation
  • Wants to introduce concrete measures to promote inclusion and diversity on organisational level
  • Aims to augment personal competences of staff of adult education organisations in dealing with diversity

Main results

  • Check list for Diversity Management in Adult Education Institutions
  • Curriculum “Applied Diversity Awareness Workshop”
  • Case Studies in 14 Adult Education Institutions to analyse their diversity policy
  • Implementation of recommended measures in pilots
  • Guidelines and Recommendations for Educational and Non – educational staff and managers available online and usable in different contexts