The project CT4SilverCaregivers is based on the training needs demanded by the society as a consequence of the active & healthy ageing of seniors, by the increase of their hope of life due to greater preventive practice, more efficient diagnoses and the development of healthcare policies more appropriate to their needs. Experiences and models for a quality ageing in community areas equivalent to that existing for the rest of people.

To do so, partners will elaborate a new curriculum and training courses (output 1) in line with the labour market queries and tailored for informal caregivers and VET teachers/learners. They will also design an e-learning platform that will contain the modular programme and the certification methodology. The platform will enable each participant to sign-up, create their own profile and obtain training in the area of active & health ageing in silver economy. It will indeed foster shared learning, exchange of knowledge and experience between participants and interaction.

General objectives

  • The creation of an innovative training curriculum focused on formal and informal senior caregivers.
  • Specialised care according to seniors’ needs in active and health ageing.
  • Development in technology requires the staff to develop digital competences.
  • Implementation of a Quality Label regarding this professional profile.


Diputación de Zamora (Coordinator – Spain)

University of Almería (Spain)

Association de Gestion des Fonds Européens – AGFE  (France)

DAFNI KEK (Greece)

Trebag (Hungary)

Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco (Portugal)

Rural Hub (Ireland)