BEEP – Basic Education and Empowerment for Political Participation

The B.E.E.P. (Basic Education and Empowerment for Political Participation) project targets adults who either are or feel excluded from the participatory processes of the project partner countries.

Many European countries are facing the challenge that more and more residents are being excluded from democratic processes, mainly because they are not citizens. They do not hold the nationality of their country of residence and are therefore excluded from elections at various levels, be it national, regional or local. At the same time, we can observe what some people call “tiredness with democracy” in growing sectors of the population. This project aims to support those who are excluded from active participation, either because they are not allowed to vote or because they feel they are not capable of participation for various (personal) reasons.

The B.E.E.P. project aims to empower people who are or feel excluded by supporting them to participate in participatory processes.

The expected results and products of the project are:


Basic research on participation: Who is excluded and who considers themselves excluded? Which participatory processes exist in the partner countries as well as other countries of the European Union?


Course design, workshops and learning offers in basic education that facilitate participation.


A handbook for political participation, including a definition of possible ways and modes for enhancing participation in basic education.


Policy recommendations on the local and regional levels.