ArtEMi – Art and Education for social inclusion of migrant women

The ArtEMi project consortium aims to promote social inclusion among migrant women and marginalised groups to overcome psychological distress through art therapy, storytelling and activities aimed at increasing self-esteem, self-entrepreneurship and employment prospects by involving a wide range of organisations at local, national, and European level.

Objectives of the project

  • Social inclusion of migrant women through the enhancement and development of skills and competencies to facilitate access to educational and training pathways
  • Acquisition and improvement of digital skills through the development of competencies needed for accessing education and employment opportunities
  • Participation and social engagement for encouraging migrant women to actively take part in local communities
  • Training opportunities for adult education and social professionals working with migrant women as subjects of intersectional discrimination

Expected results/deliverable

  • ArtEMi Toolkit: guide for migrant women’s support groups on art therapy
  • ArtEMi Occupability Guidelines: set of guidelines to rediscover competencies and skills with autobiographical narration and to motivate towards training and self-entrepreneurship
  • ArtEMi Support Practices: guide for psychological support to migrant women through art therapy and mutual aid groups

During the lifetime of the project, we will implement the following workshops, which will be open and free to attend:

  • Art and sand play therapy workshops for enhancing creativity and psychological well being
  • Autobiographical storytelling workshop focusing on the valorisation of personal skills and abilities
  • Motivational workshop aimed at developing skills and personal vision oriented towards education, training and self-entrepreneurship
  • Experiences of peer support groups and self-help practices


Associazione DUN –


Associação Social de Silveirinhos

Partner – Portugal

Mobilizing Expertise

Partner – Sweden

Storie di Mondi Possibili

Partner – Italy


Partner – Greece