Solidar Peer Learning Activity in Patras

From the 4th to the 6th of September, Solidar and Solidar Foundation members and representatives were in Patras where they carried out a study visit to the premises of DAFNI KEK in order to exchange practices, networking between institutions and explore common ground for cooperation with civil society organisations of our city.

On the occasion of this meeting, the actions and projects of DAFNI KEK were presented through interactive workshops and discussions, while in the afternoon of Tuesday 5 September we held a mini-discussion with other organisations of the city, namely Erifili, ASTO and KYKLISIS, whom we thank very much for their presence and their presentations.
Alongside the study visit, on the morning of Wednesday 6 September the participating officers also held their annual hybrid membership meeting from our office in Patras.

Through this process we were suggested to become members of Solidar and in the coming months we will be taking all the necessary steps to complete the process. Nevertheless, our collaboration with Solidar has been ongoing for two years now, first with our participation in the VALUE project for which we have made a very interesting documentary with the contribution of ASTO and KYKLISIS members, being part of the Associate partners team along with EAEA and 3 more organisations of the TRANSVAL-EU through the LLLPLatform, as well as our AKA project which is in the process of implementation and we will announce in the next weeks its workshops on intergenerational solidarity on issues of political participation.

A few words about SOLIDAR

The Solidar Institute is the European Collaboration of actors from different countries that seek the progressive transformation of social reality at different levels through civic participation. Solidar’s work is summarized in the following 6 pillars: “Realising a Social Europe for All“, “Organising International Progressive Alliances“, “Building Learning & Sustainability Societies“, “Ensuring a Just Transition“, “Conference on the Future of Europe” and ” Silver Rose Award“.

As regards the pillar “Developing Learning & Sustainability Societies” through which we have carried out our cooperation, it focuses on the following themes:

  • Promote global citizenship education, democracy, intercultural learning, and media literacy. Combat all forms of misinformation and discrimination, including racism and xenophobia, and to develop a strategy which actively supports the creation of inclusive societies and workplaces.
  • Recognising the added value of non-formal and informal learning (NFIL) for the attainment of competencies leading to active citizenship, emancipation, and the ability to adapt to fast-paced systemic changes also in terms of labour market dynamics. Achieving the recognition of prior learning and NFIL means establishing learning pathways and validation methods that enable the transition between educational systems. To achieve this recognition to NFIL, we promote the validation of skills, competences and knowledge acquired through it.
  • Making lifelong and life-wide learning a reality for all and fostering participation of people in education and learning, especially those with vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds, who are far from formal education. Achieving a just transition means also to ensure that the competences and skills of highly educated unemployed people do not deteriorate and find their place in a changing labour market. All while ensuring a learner-centred process to which all education stakeholders contribute in a holistic manner, also by promoting the whole-school approach.
  • Levelling the digital playing-field by presenting policy recommendations to close the digital divide (infrastructures and skills); raising awareness in the network to secure that the digital dimension of active citizenship and the introduction of A.I. is duly addressed by education and training policies to foster inclusion and for the digital revolution to serve the people’s well-being, by being based on a human rights-approach. Promotion of the exchange and dissemination of innovative good practices from the membership.

The participants of the Peer Learning Activity represented the following organisations: