SMILES Project publication

The SMILES project team, a Good Practice Exchange project, in the context of all the study visits carried out in the partner countries, reviewed and scored all the practices presented, and selected from each country the 3 highest scoring practices and compiled them into a collective publication.

This does not mean that the practices that were not selected were not equally interesting and important, but simply that due to the large volume of practices there were several that shared similar characteristics and therefore their scores were influenced accordingly in order to present as diverse and different approaches to social inclusion as possible.

Below you can read the collective version translated into Greek. At the end of this publication you can find the project links to learn more about all the practices presented during the project.

All the practices presented to the partners during the study visits are available on the project website in English. You can read their descriptions and view their presentations (if available) by selecting one of the project visits and reading the corresponding “report/minutes”

Visit the project website: