How the GAD Game revolutionizes the world of education

GAD – Game creation in augmented reality enhancing professional digital skills is a project funded under the Erasmus + program. It was born as a response to the European need to qualify the digital skills of educational and professional organizations through the creation of a tool that will allow teachers, tutors and educators to innovate their teaching practices by integrating technology, and more specifically augmented reality.

The GAD Game, the main result of the GAD Project, is our response to this need. The GAD Game is an application for smartphones, both Android and iOS, which features a series of 3d models used in the educational process by interacting with the learning environment. Each model is followed by a small quiz based on the example lessons created by the professionals that were participating in the project workshops.

By including the GAD Game in the educational practice, educators have the ability to offer access to existing but not widely accessible settings and equipment, visualise historical artifacts and abstract concepts, showcase the constituent parts of a complex organism and many many more! All these through the use and development of 3d models.

To support his need, during the development of the GAD Game, the partners implemented a series of workshops for educators. These workshops aimed at enhancing the professionals digital skills, by using, editing and recreating their own 3d models. The training material used were focused around the uses of 3d models in education and how they help support experiential learning and act as motivational strategies for students to learn and develop also their own skills.

The workshops started in June and were completed on October of 2022, with the participation of 12 educators and relevant professionals from Italy, Spain and Greece. They were implemented both online and face-to-face and each group participated in total of 5 sessions, both theoretical and hands on. The educational material used and developed during the workshops, will be reviewed and uploaded for public access on the project’s website leading up to the date of the final conference of the project in Naples in February 2023.

In 21st of December 2022, the project’s partners, the professionals that participated in the workshops and other stakeholders and interested individuals, got together in an online launch event to share their experiences of the GAD Game and project overall. The event was a really nice and rewarding experience and it highlighted all the different approaches and diverse needs that were addressed with the use of the GAD Game and AR in general.

Starting this new year, the GAD project partners will implement 3 local round tables (one in each country) which will discuss the further training and future uses and integrations of the GAD Game in several educational and training settings, as well as an international conference in the Arts Palace of Naples (IT)
on February of 2023.

Come and discover the tool that will revolutionize the world of education.

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