CT4SCG – 2nd transnational meeting

The first transnational face-to-face meeting of the ERASMUS+ project on Vocational Training and Carers of the Elderly was completed today at our premises in Patras. The project aims to create a comprehensive training programme for health care professionals and for those employed as informal carers of the elderly (migrant women contributing to home care, volunteers, etc.).

The project will promote the concept of the Silver Economy as a new understanding of the dynamics of older people in the development of jobs and job sectors. In the framework of the project, the participating institutions from Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Hungary, Greece and Portugal will draw up a methodology for the certification of the job profile through the application of criteria as formulated in the national certification systems and in harmonisation with the European Qualifications Framework.The coordinating body is the Regional Council of Zamora (Diputacion de Zamora) from Spain.

For more information soon on our WEBSITE and the Certified Training for Silver Caregivers project website