CT4SC Multiplier Event

The CT4SC project’s multiplier event took place on July 20, at 6pm at the Kalamata Cultural Centre with the participation of 21 people from the Health and Social Care sector and with keynote speakers and their presentations.

The conference focused more on the project as a whole and its European dimension, as well as on active and healthy ageing with presentations by members of Daphne Kek and Thalpos-Mental Health. Attendees included people from various local organisations that support and care for older people, as well as informal carers who care for family members and representatives of local organisations and members of the general public with an interest in the topic. During the session, we were honoured to have with us the Deputy Mayor of the City of Kalamata, who spoke about the services provided by the city and its ultimate goal of making Kalamata (in practice) a “healthy city”.

The group was quite active and gave room for excellent interactions between the participants, who took advantage of their different roles in the care of the elderly and managed to give a holistic view of the reality in this area!

The action was held by Dafni Kek in co-organization with Thalpos-Mental Health, under the auspices of Municipality of Kalamata

We would also like to thank the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Kalamata for the hospitality!