CONVOLUT Training Curriculum

The objective of the Curriculum is to support the training delivery and provide the information a counsellor needs to fully implement the counselling process using the ProfilPASS in preparation for retirement, in relation to the Toolkit and the Manual.

As the ProfilPASS is a comprehensive tool helping people to reflect on themselves, this can be a challenging process. It is very helpful that people are accompanied in this process by competent counsellors. Hence, the second central objective pursued by CONVOLUT is the support and training of the counsellors, mentors and coordinators providing volunteering activities and mentor new volunteers. Therefore, this Curriculum was set up as a basis for the training of counsellors. In addition, the Manual for Counsellors provides guidelines on how the toolkit and the ProfilPASS in Preparation for Retirement can used efficiently.

The curriculum deals with issues such as:

  • the target groups
  • the training characteristics
    • trainers & trainees
    • training materials (all CONVOLUT publications, as well as reference to the SCOUT & COOCOU ProfilPASS adaptations)
    • implementation checklist
  • the curriculum itself
    • structure of the training & indicative session plans
    • session 1 – counselling process
    • session 2 – using the new ProfilPASS
    • session 3 – using the toolkit
    • session 4 – the story of ProfilPASS

You can find the complete version through the project’s website here: