CONVOLUT – 4th newsletter

Training for counsellors

“Counselling serves primarily as a natural philosophical principle of behavior” – with this assessment as the basis, the consortiumhas arranged different training for counsellors in their countries.

More than 50 counsellors have participated in the training to go deeper into theProfilPASS methodology to encourage retired people to start volunteeringactivities.

The next step in the project is the arrangement of a pilot-testing by those whoparticipated in the training, with the project partners’ support to reproduce theProfilPASS methodology in this new period of life in order to achieve an activeretirement to avoid isolation and non-desired loneliness.

Training goals

  • Prepare counsellors involved in the field to promote good practices to engage retired people in volunteering activities

Meeting in Madrid

The project is coming to an end but there are still so many things to do. On June 22nd & 23rd, DEFOIN hosted the fourth face-to-face meeting.
Partners had the opportunity to share their training experiences with counsellors and discuss challenges regarding the pilot-testing and the next meetings.

Next Steps

After the training for counsellors, ourparticipants and organisations are ready tostart the pilot testing. In this process, people atthe beginning of retirement will be able to diveinto the ProfilPASS methodology to find avolunteering activity that fits their interests.