CONVOLUT – 3rd newsletter

Relevance of the counseling in volunteering

Counseling serves primarily as a natural philosophical principle of behavior, where language and communication establish an arc of contact with the other, in order to establish a genuine interpersonal relationship.

Main characteristics of the counseling:

  • Congruence. Being genuine; being honest.
  • Empathy. The ability to feel what the other feels.
  • Respect. Acceptance, an unconditional positive concern for the other.

Goals of the ProfilPASS

  • To motivate to an active retirement and voluntary commitment, as well as to transmit different possibilities to shape this specific stage of life.
  • To look inwards, towards strengths, and outwards, towards opportunities.

Transnational Meetings

In the third meeting, the consortium met in Ljubljana (Slovenia) to discuss the points to take into consideration for carrying out the training for counselors.
It was the equator of our project, and the consortium could also evaluate the work done until then.

Next Steps

The partners are now in the phase of training the counselors who will carry out the pilot-testing of the ProfilPASS. Throughout these months, the professionals will be trained to be able to advise recently retired people interested in getting involved in volunteering activities.