CONVOLUT – 1st Newsletter

Challenges after retirement

The start of retirement can lead people to a feeling of uselessness and even a lack of social recognition. The participation of older people in society is key to promote social inclussion and self-realization in this life stage.

CONVOLUT aims at helping people at the beginning of retirement to reflect and learn about their competencies for civic engagement, so as to find a voluntary activity in their interest that suits their profile and values.
The project will involve counselors and educators from retirement organizations, providing them with specific materials to accompany the retirees on their new life stage, to find out new purposes through volunteering, based in the competences acquired through a whole professional experience.

Project goals

  • Initiate self-reflection regarding the counselee’s competences and knowledge to make them aware of their own potential
  • Provide orientation and support to recent retirees in choosing a voluntary activity that is suitable for them and their competences

What is the ProfilPASS

The ProfilPASS is a non-formal methodology addressed to self-knowledge, based on the fact that people learn mostly in informal environments like family, voluntary work, and through coping with challenges of their lives. The tool has been used and adapted to different target groups since 2006, including the unemployed, youngsters, people with cognitive impairment, entrepreneurs, and students.

The ProfilPASS for people at the beginning of retirement will be a specific guide addressed to identify those personal and professional competencies that retirees could use in volunteer activities, to enable them to use this proven instrument for competence assessment to develop a version with a clear orientation of the competence assessment towards the commencement of voluntary work.

Kick off meeting

In April 2022, the partner organizations met in Patras (Greece) for the kick-off meeting of the project, to establish the guidelines of the first stages of the project.

Next steps

After the needs analysis carried out in the partner organizations, the Consortium is developing the Toolkit with suitable tools from the different countries to assess the people about to retire and their counselors. This Toolkit will include resources related to volunteering after retirement, activities linked to active aging and how could people about to retire use their competencies in voluntary activities.