Capacity buildinging workshop for caregivers

The Capacity Building Workshop for Silver Caregivers, which took place between 18 and 20 July at the Kalamata Cultural Centre with the participation of 25 people from the Health and Social Care sector, aimed to develop the participants’ skills in the Silver Economy through a mixed mode of training, face-to-face sessions and distance learning through our training platform.

There was a selection of activities from those suggested in the Skills Development Guide based on the profile and needs of our participants. A lot of time was devoted to group discussions as they proved to be the most beneficial method for our group of participants. The group consisted of professional caregivers from various regional organizations that provide care services to older adults, non-typical caregivers who either care for family members or are volunteers, and finally, individuals interested in becoming caregivers.

We were really happy to have the opportunity to engage in interesting interactions with all the participants!

The activity was held by Dafni Kek in co-organization with Thalpos-Mental Health, under the auspices of Municipality of Kalamata

We would also like to thank the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Kalamata for the hospitality!