The focus of MIVAL is on (European) social values (& their cultural diversity) and how far this issue is already considered in the syllabuses and curricula of language teaching. The project strives to identify the shortcomings as regards the current approach concerning this issue and outline a way forward to support implementation. MIVAL intends to describe how an interface connecting issues of migration, social values, cultural diversity and language teaching can be developed and which attitudes, methods & materials support good social coexistence & integration. Primary target group of MIVAL: language trainers & other pedagogical staff Secondary target group: participants of language classes (both migrants and non-migrants) Planned content & outputs: 1) workshops during the meetings for exchange about implications of recent migration in respect to language teaching and social values. As partners come from different regions of the EU with different approaches, needs & histories a fruitful exchange of approaches, methods & material will take place. 2) final document containing: * summary & cross-cultural comparison of the debate about social values & migration and how this is reflected in language teaching locally in the partners’ countries * collection of experiences, best practice and recommendations for ways to support cross-cultural exchange in language teaching concerning social values. Results will contribute to generate improvement of trainer skills & practices and support educational institutions contributing to good social coexistence and integration. The working basis to perform these tasks is based on the outcomes of research (on EU/ regional projects and legal framework) as well as on the work experience of the partners.