European Personal Branding for Employment (EPBE) is a project funded under the call Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for higher education (expedient number: 2015‐1‐ES01‐KA203‐016058).

It’s main and specific objectives are aligned with the priorities as through the creation of awareness among students and trainers on the possibility of acquiring ICT skills in order to teach and study techniques related to job hunting and personal branding within Internet. The project has contributed to the “development basic and transversal skills using innovative methods” with two specific contributions (project’ outputs): (I) Quality Guidelines for Personal Brand Production and Job Hunting 4.0. (II) Handbook on Methodological and Pedagogical Approaches in Distance Learning for on-line personal branding and job hunting.

Additionally, in connection with the priority “supporting the implementation of the 2013 Communication on Opening Up Education“ [1], EPBE has ued Open Educational Resources (OER) in order to build up an on-line personal brand and using effectively job hunting 4.0 techniques. In particular, supporting teachers, trainers, and youth students and supporting digital integration in learning to reach audiences.

The project contributions were the following outputs and training activities: 

  • Toolkit of reusable MOOCS didactical contents for trainers.
  • I Training Activity: Use of ICT for training Personal Branding and Job Hunting 2.0- as new forms of personalized learning and a strategic use of open educational resources.
  • II  Training activity: Methodologies in distance and blended learning.


Project website

MOOCs’ pages in Udemy (free):