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The project CT4 SILVER CAREGIVERS: Certifed Training for Silver Caregivers” is a 24-month partnership funded under Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme for vocational, learning and training initiatives and coordinated by the Diputation of Zamora (Spain) with the support of AFGE (France), DAFNI KEK (Greece), Rural Hub (Ireland), TREBAG (Hungary), IPCB (Portugal) and University of Almeria (Spain).

The main objective of this proposal and partnership will be to collaborate and create a new curriculum and modules on active and healthy ageing within the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), on the training of those professionals (in the professional profile of healthcare for dependent persons in social institutions) working as informal carers of older people and who promote the employability of the silver economy (e.g. e.g. workers as informal carers, education and training professionals, social services, public health administration employment advisors, NGOs, technicians related to community health services, employment programmes, etc.

The project will train those involved in active and healthy ageing to create and promote service learning opportunities, while raising awareness of global issues (silver economy and social services in the community) and enable young people, less skilled women, migrants to develop skills for their personal development and employability as informal silver carers or to retrain in rural areas.

To make this possible, in addition to creating training materials for VET trainers/trainees and informal caregivers, the project will also set up networks in each country called Living labs SILVER CAREGIVERS FORUMs for (health professionals, family caregivers, social-health care services). This will enable them to provide services to their local communities, while acquiring skills that can contribute to their personal development, improve their CVs and/or their future entry into the labour market, with a view to providing sustainable skilled jobs.

All of the above will be possible thanks to the Training Workshops, an e-learning platform for (VET trainers, health professionals, family carers, social-health care services) in the project countries, who could carry out service-learning internships in their regions (or at EU level) for their training and employability, while having a positive impact on their communities and on the inclusion of their less advantaged groups.

The project will also design various dissemination strategies and events that will allow the dissemination of its results among the different stakeholders related to the silver economy and the social inclusion of people at risk of exclusion in rural areas. All the intellectual outputs that will be generated will be created by combining non-formal education, theoretical content and flexible techniques that will allow their adaptation to different contexts other than those in which the project will initially be implemented.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Implementation period: 1/9/2020 – 31/8/2022

Project reference number: 2020-1-ES01-KA202-081989

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