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Project Details:

  • Title: Key Competences for Re-integration to the Labour Market
  • Reference number: 2014-1-IE01-KA204-000354
  • Implementation period: September 2014 – November 2016


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Project Description

The ARIS project acknowledges that long-term unemployment is at record levels across the European Union, and that the task of finding a job is extremely difficult as ‘old jobs’ now require ‘new’ skills. This project is about promoting and developing the concept of an ‘encore career’, where long-term unemployed persons in theg age 35 to 50 year old bracket, can access re-training opportunities that add new skills that are in sync with todays’ knowledge intensive economy, thus helping them to launch their careers at a higher-skilled, more sustainable level. There are 5 Key competency areas that will enable long-term unemployed to reintegrate into the workforce include the following: Learning to learn, Digital competence, Social and civic competence, Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, Cultural awareness and expression


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