Work Life Balance

We are living in a world that changes rapidly and, for almost a year now, the situation has become worse after the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic. For most of us, our personal and professional lives have been merged and we are unable to put clear boundaries in place to distinguish between the two. If Work-Life balance seemed quite difficult to achieve before, now it feels like an unattainable goal.

It is, indeed, hard to find that equilibrium because it feels like one happens at the expense of the other. Even though one can try to balance the two, when you are a part of a social group (whether that is your own family or your working team) your actions affect the other members of that group and it is not always possible to do as one pleases.

While we cannot intrude into family matters, we can try to rectify the situation by proposing strategies to stakeholders that are interested in Work-Life balance implementation and (ultimately) hope to change the companies’ policies by training the HR managers and management staff into the following aspects:

  1. Identity and Personal Development in the Labor Force
  2. Parents As Employees
  3. Gender and Intercultural Competence
  4. Needs Evaluation of Staff in a Personal and Professional Level

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