Understanding disability in the workplace

Looking for a job is a strenuous activity no matter the circumstances and the age group. Even people with high level formal education and many qualifications are struggling to land a job –imagine adding a disability to that?

In the face of a global society that is intended to be inclusive, it is imperative to create new methodologies to work with in order to make that a reality. Our proposition, via this project, includes the creation of a methodological manual for competences’ validation, a digital platform to support it and an “Understanding Disability” booklet (of course everything is adapted to the needs/specificities of adults with hearing loss, visual impairment and reduced mobility in the upper limbs).

It is important to note that providing personalized guidelines to people with disabilities is not enough. We need to change the way society (and especially the employers) look upon them –not as people with disabilities, but as people with special abilities (because they do have them and they want to use them). We should be educated about such matters and educate others. We also need to empower the people with disabilities to reach their full potential starting by helping them land a job, be independent and active members of the society.

DAFNI KEK participates in the Erasmus+ project “Qualifying Differences” where all partners will create tools as well as an educational programme concerning job hunting and working as a disabled person. For more information visit the project’s website “Qualifying Differences“, or contact us either trough the contact form or through email at info@kekdafni.gr