“NEverTOoLAte” project presentation

It is never too late to learn. No matter the circumstances, the age, the existence of prior educational experience or the field of study. Lifelong learning exists and it refers to the ongoing pursuit of knowledge either for personal or professional reasons. It is self-motivated and voluntary. It has the power to improve the quality of our lives by providing us more and better opportunities or by just getting the satisfaction of learning something new or achieving a self-set goal.

This project focuses on the adults, with little or no literacy, who are willing to do just that. A few of the project’s goals are for the adults to undertake basic skills learning paths, to strengthen their “learning to learn” skills and to develop civic, social and citizenship skills in formal and non-formal frameworks. But, they are not alone in this endeavor as there are professionals close to them (educators, teachers, trainers, cultural mediators) keen on motivating and activating them.

For this reason we are developing a multimedia library aimed at those professionals, with thematic learning paths and tools, to use them as they please according to the needs of their learners. The library will contain Flip Books (easily accessible from PC, tablet or smartphone) that cover the following topics: Experiential learning, Tackling failure, Critical thinking, Argumentation, Problem-solving, Literacy and Numeracy, Learning an additional language, Digital communication, Intercultural competences and inclusive communication, Sustainability, Media literacy, Civic competence, Gender equality, Affective learning, Teaching to learn, Active participation.

For more information visit the project’s website http://nevertoolateproject.eu/, or contact us through our contact form or directly through email at info@kekdafni.gr, or any of the partners through the project contact page.