MUPYME Project (Press Release – Project ending)


ERASMUS+ Programme 2015 – KA2 Adult Education
Project nº: 2015-1-ES01-KA204-015937


Women in the 21st century. MUPYME: from household management to other management contexts. How can skills acquired by housewives at home be upgraded for their implementation in business management?

The results of MUPYME Project will be presented on June 29th. When talking about professional qualification, management is lacking. There is a need for expert managers capable of running SMEs. MUPYME Project argues that this professional group does exist; however, it is concealed behind the walls of the household, which is in itself a unit whose complexity exceeds that of a company.

Madrid, May 24th, 2017.

After two years of persistent efforts to establish what the suitable training to make the shift from household to a business context would be like, MUPYME will hold its final international seminar on June 19th in Mérida (Extremadura).

The innovative nature of this Project cannot be denied, since it highlights the -often overlooked- great management potential that lies among cooking pots, furniture and family care. The decision-making process, a distinctive and vital feature of management, is performed with ease within the household, since it is carried out on a daily basis.The personal achievement and social enrichment derived from their expertise are our goals in MUPYME. We claim that housewives have the potential to become SME managers, although they might not be aware of it.

The innovative nature of MUPYME goes hand in hand with other activities that enhance our main goal:

  • MUPYME comprises organizations specialized in adult education and life-long learning from 7 different European countries. These organizations share their experiences and knowledge through an analytical research process followed by specific workshops, transnational meetings and learning activities.
  • MUPYME consortium promotes the integration of housewives in the job market by upgrading their potential and the skills they have acquired through their day-to-day work. In order to achieve that, a training plan has been developed with the purpose of being unique, original and transferable to any territory within the EU.
  • Around 40 housewives have taken part in the research.
  • 40 entrepreneurs have shared their experiences and motives, and they have also highlighted critical aspects and pointed out the similarities between both contexts.
  • Over 100 people around Europe have taken an active part in this fascinating Project.

We are coming to the final stage of MUPYME and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to the final event of the project on June 29th in Mérida, in which the results will be presented.The sign up form will be available shortly at:


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