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ERASMUS+ Programme 2015 – KA2 Adult Education
Project nº: 2015-1-ES01-KA204-015937


MUPYME, a training process made by and aimed to women

Education and life-long training experts from seven different countries within the EU have met in order to work together on a training plan specifically aimed to housewives. Their goal is finding a way to transfer those skills acquired in the household to a different economic context.

April 25th, 2017, Madrid. The existing training programmes meet the needs of many professional activities. Through all its branches, vocational training usually provides knowledge and skills that qualify the trainees to perform a professional activity from start to end. It also introduces the keys to educational reorientation, which allows them to reorient their careers and boost their working opportunities. But, what would happen if we focussed on a professional sector that is not even acknowledged as such? MUPYME Project has taken the challenge of developing a training plan aimed to people who manage complex units within the household, even though they don’t have any sort of previous academic qualification: these are housewives, who perform their activities in vital environments, such as the family, without any sort of salary or social acknowledgement.

MUPYME is an initiative within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, which is promoted by the EU. MUPYME partners represent organizations from Italy, Portugal, Germany, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus and Spain that work together to promote women’s social mobility to an economic context out of the household. One of its main goals is developing a training plan especially aimed to this target group by means of the technical skills they’ve already acquired during their day-to-day activities.

After months of work, the MUPYME Project has reached one of its most important milestones: the translational meeting held in Madrid from the 3rd to the 7th of April. In this event, education and life-long training experts from 7 different countries met for 5 days straight in order to perform a pilot activity based on the training plan, which is the main tool developed in this Project. This activity focussed on the need to train the future trainers that would be involved in the training process with housewives.

Since MUPYME is a transnational project, it is easier to include different methodologies and training techniques in its training strategy, which gathers the joint experience of all the organizations involved. The result is an enhancement of the didactic aspects of the project that provides a great variety of innovative resources. This promotes the flexibility required to allow future trainers to adapt their training strategies to any given situation.

Because of its characteristics, MUPYME is aimed to organizations specialized in adult training, such as Popular Universities or any other kind of training centre specialized in life-long learning.

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