The Final Event of MUPYME Project: Employment and Women on the 21st century. From Household Economy to different economy contexts

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Project nº: 2015-1-ES01-KA204-015937


Project MUPYME will hold its international seminar on June 29th in Mérida (Spain) in order to share its progress and results regarding its main objectives:

a) Identifying skills, experiences and knowledge acquired within the household that could be implemented out of the household for different purposes.

b) Putting special emphasis on management, since management is about making decisions – and that is one of the most common skills acquired by housewives within the household.


Madrid, June 16th 2017.

On June 29th, the Very Fine, Old, Great and Loyal City of Méridawill hold an event worthy of its name: an event to talk about housewives as professionals and the enhancement of their business skills.The reason behind it is MUPYME Project: Employment and Women in the 21st century in Europe, which will hold an international seminar as a final event that puts an end to two years of intense work devoted to those women that develop their curriculum within the household and that are often unaware of their potential to become entrepreneurs and managers outside their homes.

Mérida will be the meeting point for many organizations specialised in adult education from all around the world in order to discuss the different possibilities ahead and share their opinions regarding housewives’ potential to become entrepreneurs. We don’t follow the conventional strategy based on teaching and learning: we are trying to implement strategies aimed to take the preliminary knowledge acquired in the household; we want to raise awareness by boosting the technical potential of their experiences in household economy.We are trying to bring out the manager that could be found in any housewife.

MUPYME Project was possible because of the 8 organizations specialized in adult education from different regions of Europe that have been working as advocates for the value of those skills that are acquired during a lifetime of practice. R.Sennett called this ‘tacit knowledge’, and, in some cases, it is overlooked. We focused on their acquired skills as immaterial heritage, implementing strategies, learning processes, and problem-solving methods that housewives use on a daily basis. These are the aspects bringing them so close to a manager’s professional competences. Management is all about making decisions, and this is one of the most common skills acquired by housewives in the household.

The experiences shared by more than 40 housewives and the support and motivation provided by more than 40 businesswomen involved in the Project have turned MUPYME into an innovative and unique project,  with the active participation of more than 100 people all around Europe.


MUPYME represents the effort to understand, analyse and contrast the similarities and differences found between household economy and different economic contexts. This is what the event the 29th will be about. It will take place at Centro Cultural Alcazaba in Mérida, and there we will present the Project and the results we have obtained. Registration is free, but the registration form, which is available in our website (, should be filled in beforehand.


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