First transnational meeting of SCOUT project

The first transnational partners’ meeting of SCOUT project (aSsessing Competences fOr fUTure) took place in Vienna (Austria), on 23rd and 24th of January 2018. The meeting was hosted by the austrian partner, die Berater.

The goal of the project is to collect and further develop tools for competence assessment (reformed in a way that makes them useable by immigrants) that have been acquired through processes of non-formal and informal learning and according to the reality of each country. The tools that will be developed, they will be based on the logic of ProfilPASS, that was created by the german partner of the project (DIE), and are availiable for free on the internet (you can find the tool in all of the available languages here). All of the tools that will be created in the framework of the project will be available to everyone for free.

In the meeting, the consortium discussed issues concerning the ways of working and collaborating with each other as well as discussions around the subject of the project and the ways that could make the products as useable as possible by anyone that wishes to use them.

More specifically, on the first day, after getting to know each other and their respective organisations, the partners presented the key findings of the national reports they conducted, prior to the meeting, concerning the integration situation of migrants to their respective societies. The results of the research will contribute in such a way to make the tools created as relevant and effective as possible and in order to comply with reality.

The next step of the project is to conduct a research concerning tools that have been developed and used in the partners’ countries and are targeted to the assessment of competences of migrants. All this information will help with the developement of the “SCOUT toolkit” which will be based mainly on the logic of ProfilPASS. The “SCOUT toolkit” is addressed to (new) migrants, which will be the ones to assess its use and effect on the pilot phase. In every country, the toolkit will be tested by at least 20 migrants.

Also, in the following period, the spanish partner (DEFOIN) will publish the project website which will be an extension of the official ProfilPASS website (KISS website After the first stages of the toolkit development, the consortium will start working on the rest of the tools, which will be the toolkit curriculum, the manual for counsellors and the final training of counsellor on the use of the SCOUT toolkit using the above mentioned reference material.