Competence Oriented Counselling Tools for cognitively impaired people

We are happy to announce that DAFNI KEK in cooperation with the partners of the Erasmus+ Project “COOCOU – COmpetence Oriented COUnselling for cognitively impaired people“, are offering for free in English and 5 other languages (Greek, German, Swedish, Spanish and Slovenian) the following counselling tools.

  • Barrier-free ProfilPASS in Easy Language:  It is an adaptation of the original ProfilPASS in terms of language and content. It has been specially developed for the needs of people with cognitive impairments and learning difficulties to enable them to use this proven instrument for competence assessment.
  • The COOCOU-Toolkit: The COOCOU-toolkit comprises 25 tools for competence assessment from different countries and with different methodological and contentual foci. Here, counsellors will have the opportunity to easily find and get access to competence assessment tools and apps that suit the needs of the cognitively impaired people and that will support and enrich the counselling process.
  • The Manual for Counsellors: The COOCOU-Manual for Counsellors is an accompanying document for the COOCOU-Toolkit and the Barrier-free ProfilPASS in Easy Language. It provides background information as well as guidelines and suggestions for counsellors on how the COOCOU-Toolkit and the Barrier-free ProfilPASS in Easy Language can be applied.
  • The Curriculum for Counsellors: The COOCOU-Curriculum for Counsellors is based on the COOCOU-Toolkit and the Manual for Counsellors. It provides guidance and suggestions for the training of counsellors both in terms of training content and methods.
  • Comprehensive Report of Identification of Needs: The comprehensive report represents a compilation of the partner’s findings and includes good practices as well as useful recommendations for the development of the COOCOU toolkit.

All of the above mentioned publications are provided for free through the official ProfilPASS website ( in all available languages.

The publications in English language can be found in their relevant page [click here]

From March till May [2021] all project partners will deliver interactive workshops on the use of the tools. There will be 2 workshops, one training for counsellors and a piloting of the use of tools with the target group. If you are interested in participating in the workshops or just need more information on the project’s work, you can contact any of the partners based on your place of residence or preferred language by following the links provided below:

Project coordinator: DIE – German Institute for Adult Education [click here]

Any project partner through their contact details seen on page [click here]