Certified training for silver caregivers – Let’s begin!

*This post is an adaptation from French of the informational articles “Formation européenne pour les aidants de la Silver économie : c’est parti!” and “Formation européenne pour les aidants de la Silver économie” created by AFGE, project partners from France.

In the framework of the european programme Erasmus+, Strategic partnerships for Vocational Education and Training, we are participating in the project “CT4 SILVER CAREGIVERS: Certified Training for Silver Caregivers” under the coordination of Diputacion de Zamora in Spain, which started officially yesterday with the partner’s meeting.

The project CT4 SILVER CAREGIVERS aims to promote the employability and mobility of employees/workers in order to develop their personal, professional and social competences.

It will act especially in a way to train and raise awareness among health professionals, caregivers and all the people that would like to work in the sector of health and care, on the importance and challenges of active and healthy ageing in the framework of the European Union.

In order to achieve that, the partners will develop innovative vocational training modules, which will be tested by the target group and consequently will create a community of users through the platform and the forum of the project as well as the Living Labs.

During the kickoff meeting, 7 representatives of the partner organisations discussed more on the objectives of the project and discussed all the modalities of implementation and development of the project’s deliverables which will be:

  • a training programme on active ageing and health addressed to professionals of Silver economy,
  • an online platform where all the contents of the training programme will be stored, which comprise of 8 modules that will be developed during the project, and will be available to download
  • a certification methodology for the professionals of Silver economy, in accordance to the national and european qualification frameworks currently in effect such as the European Qualifications Framework [1], the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training [2], and others.

The project’s team will be working together for the next two years, and is comprised from people from Spain (Diputacion de Zamora and University of Alméria), France (AGFE), Greece (Dafni Kek), Hungaria (TREBAG), Irish (Rural Hub) and Portugal (Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco).

More information will follow as the project progresses. For any information you can contact us from our communication channels or contact any project partner through their communication channels found on their websites.

For more information on the qualifications frameworks mentioned visit the links below:

[1] European Qualifications Framework – EQF: https://europa.eu/europass/en/european-qualifications-framework-eqf

[2] European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training – ECVET: https://www.ecvet-secretariat.eu/en/what-is-ecvet