Social Research & Innovation in Adult Education

At DAFNI KEK we believe that Adult Education is a powerful means of forming and claiming a truly equal society with an eye to the future by utilizing the experiences of all of us!

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For over 25 years we have been trying through our actions both to activate ourselves and ourselves and the society around us by implementing projects and activities in the European Community, with the local community, for all of us.

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Our activities

For us action is any activity of our organisation that we share with partners, teachers and trainees. In this list of updates you can find announcements about upcoming activities that concern you or evaluation reports of activities that have already taken place!

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Online Platforms and Websites

This part of our Website is still under construction.

Publications, Analytical Reports and Printable Material

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Our Publications & Our Services

Our projects and actions produce through our collaboration with our partners from all over Europe and our learners a wealth of publications and educational material that is open and readily available to all.

Our values

Equality & Equity

Accessibility & Social Justice

Openess & Communication

Our team

DAFNI KEK consists of a small but dynamic team of permanent staff that you can meet below by clicking on “More”, and a large group of volunteers, collaborators and teachers at local, national and European level.

Our approach

At DAFNI KEK we believe, like Paulo Freire, bell hooks, and Stephen Brookfield, that there is no life and progress and evolution without struggle and conflict, and progressive teachers must convince themselves that they are not only teachers but political militants and we must participate and dedicate ourselves to the struggle to defeat social injustice.