Browse a part of the field of European Projects for Adult Education through the projects we have implemented or implementing at the moment. 

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Manifesto for Adult Learning in the 21st Century

DAFNI KEK fully endorses the position of the “European Association for the Education of Adults” (EAEA) for adult education in the 21st century

“...there is no transformation without action”

Progressive educators need to convince themselves that they are not only teachers--this doesn't exist--not only teaching specialists. We are political militants because we are teachers...Our job implies that we teach these subjects with sobriety and competence, but it also requires our involvement in and dedication to overcoming social injustice. (Teachers as Cultural Workers: Letters to Those Who Dare Teach, pg. 42)
Paulo Freire

Our Services

Among others, we offer the following services:

  • Educational/Training online Platforms
  • Counseling tools
  • Website Development for educational projects
  • and more

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Our Publications

Publications that were created in the context of projects or networks we are involved in and we have contributed to them one way or another

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