Milmet – 4η Διακρατική Συνάντηση

The 4th Transnational Meeting of the Milmet Project in Trieste, Italy ended with great success!

Together with our hosts from Italy, Cooperativa Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale – CIDR Udine and the rest of the team from France Afidel – Cocagne Haute Garonne, from Spain Precious Plastic en Canarias and Romania Organizatia Institutul Bucovina we worked on the progress of our project, we visited Parco di San Giovanni and the WHO Collaboration Centre – former Mental Health Hospital and participated in a textile workshop at Lister Sartoria Sociale, using broken umbrellas to make original bags and, at the same time, learning Italian.

The next Transnational Meeting will be held in Tenerife, Spain.