Our activities and our values

On this page we will try to give in a few words our history and motivation as an Adult Education provider in Greece!


DAFNI KEK characteristics

DAFNI KEK is a non-profit educational and research centre.

Based on the official articles of association: “The original object of the foundation was to design and deliver continuing vocational training and adult education courses to a wide range of marginalised groups under EU funding, state funding or independently”.

Due to recent reforms and major investments DAFNI KEK is a non-profit educational and research centre.

As an institution we believe that Paolo Freire’s statement “…there is no transformation without action… Progressive educators need to convince themselves that they are not just teachers – that does not exist – not just experts in teaching. We are political militants because we are teachers… Our job requires that we teach our subjects with sobriety and competence, but it also requires our participation and our commitment to overcoming social injustice.” – (Teachers as workers of culture: Letters to those who dare to teach, pp. 42) really covers the essence around working against social injustice, including injustice towards different groups of people from different cultures and countries.

Our values

Equality & Equity

Accessibility & Social Justice

Openess & Communication

Description of our activities

Our activities

Proposal writing 100%
Development of educational programs 100%
Planning and development of websites and platforms 90%
Organisation and coordination of social activities 90%
Active politicisation and rights education 80%

Our team

Our community

Our networks and partner organisations