OED – Outreach Empowerment Diversity


OED Network brings together 17 organisations from 14 countries. Our aim is to tackle the need for outreach to marginalised groups, especially migrants and ethnic minorities, for the development of more diversity in adult education, and especially the inclusion of learners´ voices, and for the empowerment of its learners to become active European citizens.


We want to

  • provide a collection and analysis of good practice examples from across Europe that tackle the overlap of social inclusion and active citizenship (EN, FR, DE)
  • analyse outreach strategies to marginalised groups and provide information to other adult education institutions how to organise this
  • promote diversity in adult education organisations and their training
  • develop empowerment strategies based on good practice and experiences of the network in order to activate learners from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • improve teaching methodology for diverse target groups that empowers them and publish methodology guidelines for trainers (EN, DE, FR)
  • improve the management of adult education institutions through diversity and the inclusion of learners´ voices
  • look at how including diverse learners´ voices can improve adult education
  • provide policy recommendations that will tackle the integration of marginalised groups, their empowerment and participation in lifelong learning (EN, FR, DE).
  • organize a European conference in Brussels to present the results

The network will have an impact on the participating institutions, teachers, trainers and (managing) staff in adult education, learners, especially from disadvantaged groups, other stakeholders in lifelong learning and policy makers. The network will improve approaches in reaching out to disadvantaged groups, promoting diversity in organisations, improve teaching methodology, promote active citizenship by participatory strategies and support the development of better policies aimed at integration and lifelong learning.


Project material:

OED Leaflet 2013

OED Partner List

Latest News:

OED Press Release -October 2014

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